05. This Day In Eternity is written The Slaying of Malignus the Dragon Wizard of the Isle of Mann.”

  1. Who are these uncircumcised Philistines?” pondered the French Royal Hebrew Christian warrior Princess before mounting her Andalusian War steed, her bow resting menacingly on her back.
  2. Saddled and readied, the Daphne of France from ridge studies the front she is about to flank.
  3. With most of Europe fighting at Jerusalem and outnumbered by more than ten thousand knights, the Daphne of France was not phased or worried by the disparity for the Oracle at Delphi long prophesied to men this prophecy that for them had no use and no value and to them Nike would be the “Oracle of despondency” for they did not deserve her divine nature.
  4. “By the swift hand of a women, shall our kind be justified by mighty Zeus in a war with the disease of humankind against a kingdom of the dolphin.  She carries with her the sword of justice that was given to her by Zeus through Gabriel and Michael mighty angels who will serve as her royal guard and fight as Knights by her side.”
  5. The Daphne slides her soft white hand across her sword.
  6. Pondering the strange prophecy of the Oracle told to her by a Gypsy Queen who was known to work the omniscience of God without magic or incantation, she sweeps the air with her charge.
  7. The Daphne prays meditatively on her mission to slay Malignus the Dragon Wizard and Usurper of peaceful Mann, almost feeling as if she had done it before in another life.
  8. Having discovered the truth about the abduction of Spain’s Jewish Royal Infanta and his disrespect for the chairs of Mann, she swipes the air testing what looks to her like perfect spanish steel.
  9. A Satanic Knight and a false Templar who was defrocked by the Order of the Rose,  Malignus has gone too far and insulted God her Father by his sacrificing of Christian women and children of Hebrew blood and now has invaded France with any army of thirty thousand extascia demon possessed men.
  10. With great conviction the Daphne Teresa the Divine argues her French Knight Christian brothers to accept the offer of help of Moorish Islamic brigade and a tribe of Saracen knights led by no other than Genghis Khan Himself.
  11. They too have had their children kidnapped and have also suffered the loss of their women at the alter of this dragon Satanic King.  The Agga Khan has cause and their is miraculous communication among us doth thee not sense the Holy Spirit?
  12. Hearing of King Richards return to England who agreed to share limited power with Parliament, and accompanied by an Islamic Moorish Knight in friendship,  they agreed for this battle to fight under a United Banner.
  13. King Kahn of Mongolia admired the Daphne and respected her mission.
  14. “There is no women in this world like the “Daphne of France” who shall Flank the enemy while we face them head on!”  Father Khan shouted to his men who accepted the flank strategy of the Daphne.
  15. Even though they had not the man power to even consider such a move, the Holy Spirit encouraged bravery in the men.
  16. “With half their numbers they will not expected it.”  Shouted Vazquez in spanish to his knights under his green banner.
  17. Vazquez had three armies and lost two to fight in Jerusalem forced by Rome to participate and put in his lot.  Knowing their Liege was to fight in another war, they agreed to go to Jerusalem.
  18. A master in tactical warfare before its time, the Daphne is charged with the protection of the French Monarchy and leads her knights and a small European Hebrew Christian/Islamic host valiantly to victory with few losses of good souls and she the only woman to fight in the battle.
  19. It began with terror; the heads and limbs of women and children tossed through the air towards the approaching unified Holy Spirit brigade.
  20. By the orders of the Holy Ghost they took the time under divine protection to bury each peace of flesh appropriately and offer a perfect Jewish/Christian benediction, but the Islamics were forbidden to touch the dead of Sacrificed flesh and there was agreement among them without shame or worry.  The Moslems were obedient to how the Holy Spirit directed the situation for their armies and King Khan himself would lead and be at the front of the charge.
  21. After a carnage of bloodied heads had been hurled through the air and incantations splayed, in through the air came the braided haired head Axina of their own Satanic high witch.
  22. With her eyes gouged out,  Axina’s head rolled before their front ended its vexation facing up so that as to peer darkness and fear into the souls of the Christian/Islamic Brigade.
  23. Tip of the Arrow Kahn surged forward in full gallop with his Saracen sword drawn.
  24. Followed by his knights and Hebrew blooded Christendom, the main army charged straight forward with swords drawn as ordered by the Holy Spirit who said to the Unified front each in their own language.
  25. “By faith you shall wield your swords as if they were spears.  They shall feel to you like normal swords but they shall be the length of spears and whose weight you shall not feel so thrust forward as if you were holding a spear at first contact and worry not about one fiery spear or arrow thrust in air nor even glance upon it for those that look at the fire shall have fear in their hearts and will shall surely die a noble death.  Difficult is this day for the sacrifices of women and children of “Malignus” are many.
  26. His “Terror war” of imagery a complete failure,  “Malignus”  hid behind his army mesmerized by God’s Holy Spirit.
  27. Wearing the bronze/red armor of slain Beelzebub his second in command, the Daphne of France approached slowly carrying the head of Axina his High Witch in her right palm.
  28. At 20 paces, the Daphne tossed the head of the sorceress at Malignus who looked down at it her gauged witch’s eyes -fixed toward him now- vexed his spirit.
  29. “What good is the dead Witch to me now?” Commanded Malignus.
  30. With her cage down, the Daphne remained silent and at 10 paces she was within striking distance.
  31. “Answer me Beezulbulb!”
  32. “The Black Steed of the Red Sorcerer knight buzzed with excitement for a true Noble was now his Liege.  Steadied by the Daphne, the horse no longer felt the fear that was vexed into him for war and wanted his blinders removed.”
  33. Steady at ten paces from her mark, the Daphne confidently lifted her helmet.
  34. “You should treat your women and children better Malignus” Said the Daphne undoing her beautifully royal chestnut hair so “Malignus” would know whom his judge would be.
  35. As Christendom’s most desirable woman before strut before him, Malignus was angered replying,  “Women repulse me in bed! and bore me in life!” and drew his sword.
  36. “Then may we be equals in battle, and her miraculous sword was lost.”
  37. Their swords clashed swiftly and sharply.
  38. In only seven exchanges of hard Spanish steel the head of Malignus fell and ensuingly his knights massacred.
  39. Unseeingly the few that survived and rode away were left to return to Mann were they met by a small army of British Templar Priests Knights and Hospitalers who refused to fight in Jerusalem had overtook Mann in the absence of Malignus and the remaining satanic army perished there under the divine royal swords of England that were obedient to the Holy Spirit as to what war was more important.
  40. With the oldest Parliament in the world slaughtered by Malignus, the Templars restored order and presented Mann’s newly assembled Parliament –Richard the Lion heart after a fierce war with the Sherriff of Nottingham won back the Throne of England and wrote the Magna Carta– a restoration and improvement on the legislation of Arthurian rule an adaptation in minor from his understanding of Rome which is “in times of evil” rule and orders to war must be made in agreement with the people and by King and senate without deceit to the people.
  41. Richard learned a great deal from the “conspiracy of lies” that drove him to Jerusalem’s gates. Round table order shall prevail even with good Kings and Queens at the helm whom shall participate in debate themselves and prove themselves worthy of their crowns.
  42. Woe to the army of darkness of today, for be they hide as wolves with the appearance of sheep.  Cloaked in a society that is beautiful to look upon,  their hearts are cold and their intents hellish making known to all their ignorance of Holiness and the power of the God with no Name.
  43. A society of white collars-whose armor is the suit and tie- their weapons are the knife, the incantation and the lie.
  44. They are revealed by God to the world and Holy Angels whom defeat them in every war, again defeat them and this time through the authority of the judgments.
  45. Woe to army of darkness who now are condemned in the judgments by the Son and Glory to the God that has no name.
  46. Inspired by and Co-written with the Holy Spirit  by Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. – Adagio I – Full Divine Name – JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni M.S. AGA KHAN V PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI HOMINIS SPIRITVS – Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT http://jvagnvsdeiverbvmdeiprimogenitvsfilvsdeiagakhanv.wordpress.com/
Marry Shelly the Author of Frankenstein a tribute to medical science meeting religion and politics

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