13. This Day in Eternity – Princess Elizabeth Louise Marie Saint Claire the reincarnation of Princess Marie Antoinette

  1. A blessing and forgiveness do I pray for those who of their own free will participated supporting a Murderous Conspiracy and not being God  unable to make the right decisions.  I pray for their fortitude in accepting the consequences for their actions and ask a very special blessing for those that will be released.  May your mercy be known afresh and anew throughout the worlds , the Heavens and the Universes.  –  Principe Jose Maria Chavira – Adagio I
  2. Written to one of my many angels of music who after you were born to music  in heaven you were favored among many before the foundations of the earth were created. But in the heavens — the servants of — Satan Lucifer — in the first angelic fall even before the fall of the Garden of Eden, they  coveted your goodness, your humility, your beauty,  your wisdom both In heavens as on the earth .
  3. And in this and in many reincarnations,  no pride was found in you.
  4. And through many of your reincarnations your beauty and your desire to put others above yourself and always giving support to whatever side that you ended up on in the flesh, you always did the best that  could expected of seraphim angel that had as much love as you.
  5. God and I say to you, that you are and were and are still an angel music the plays music rarely heard in this world,  who dedicated yourself and your reputation and your status in this incarnation to be agent of God working behind scenes and always making others feel better about themselves and all the while heaven was looking on  hoping that people — at least in this incarnation —would understand that our Our precious
  6. God of name has to find volunteers to penetrate the darkness in unorthodox manners by being a good person amongst killers and murderers to at times in organized crime and this life like many other the governments fell and made a victim of many selling and forcing women men and children even in the military to do illegal and legal drugs and killing and murdering them after they had no use for them or sending them to work in brothals or as models to be killed by their lower level Mafia friends.
  7. With God always watching my Daughter and Princess and  Heaven Taking notice of the light of a good angel amongst them that lit up their lives with acceptance by one of most beautiful Princess in the world – hidden before the eyes of mankind and womankind, despite your beauty – you like me – and many of your friends – eventually got set up to die by the new US Greek all Male controlled Fraternal Masons pretending to run things.
  8. Not that you need to be consoled my musical angel – In this reincarnation as in others — you were born to enter through your own  free will into hostile territory to bring men and women in your surroundings to the light and not being a regular typical Christian much like myself preaching Jesus and God can forgive anything — even blaspheme of the Holy spirit,  for as I once wrote that blaspheme of the Holy Spirit can be forgiven. 
  9. But a truer blaspheme is to live an entire life life in defiance of God –  especially with secret satanic worship looking to harm people with Masonry and Wizardry be it through Black Sabbaticals like they did under Pope Benedict for Many Governments around world and had these last forty years or so had a Mason Satanic Catholic Teutonic strong hold in Mexico.
  10. The world as you know my angel was full of hypocrisy, it was a world where in Mexico — was supposedly the most advanced democracy of in the category of third world nations was performing indigenous Human Sacrifices, Mason Tourist killings where at least 200 Americans were killed and 200,000 Mexican and Trafficked children went missing in Mexico in 2005.
  11. https://angelcraftcrownintelligenceacademy.wordpress.com/
  12. In Mexico la Presidencia of Mexico and el Gobernador for many sexenos murders of more than 1000 Journalist, Politicians, Lawyers, and Human Rights activists  during Calderon’s sexeno  and allowed and facilitated Alliance Genocide in Chiapas, Mexico City through the GPR and Other places in Mexico, Canada and Around the world especially central Africa in their supposed allies country called the Democratic Republic of the Congo and ran some very controlled pogroms in the United States. mostly in agreement with Political White supremacists in the USA Skull and Bones Masonry and European Masonry.
  13. These programs and massive Genocide,  I discovered during my time operating in Mexico vying for its change on my own and helped out by family in Guadalajara and Durango and my private assistants and model Rosy led by God’s Spirit and later one female Mexican Agent who did not know until the last minute that she was helping me in exposing Child Trafficking as well as bringing education help into Mexican orphanages through the Angelcraft Foundation for education, before things went haywire in Mexico City and our direction changed after 2010.
  14. You like I, my angel,  believed in these men that got judged, but it was me that had to put my feelings aside for the greater good. These World Masons were a collective of lives lived in real hypocrisy and in real defiance of God and something that  is much more difficult to judge in any positive manner for the lives that were lived during this Mason Holocaust and each of their lifetimes.
  15. To the general public:  Because of information control you had problems believing in my writings and in the overrides we did — Their strategy was to keep regions — whole states and even whole cities in the dark to keep up appearance with false news, but you know that now.
  16. My beautiful angel of music,  and I know you did not receive this training or knowledge from the Justice Department or the Army for it is classified Top Secret Eyes Only and few spies are privy to this Skull and Bones Knowledge – No one respected US Power in the Alianza and looked to take it over in the end after every Nation in each new Alianza that formed collapsed after its former alliance got judged and started losing its leaders and intelligence teams from each nation, then poorly trained militias and military intelligence took over and whole countries in some cases were divided some still in agreement with the extermination of ethnicity and ethnic cleansing for those whites and people that lived in countries around the world that supported Islam.
  17. Few of general public and amongst your friends and pears knew that your learning and believing also taught you to believe in the Goodness of The Godhead —  about Grace and truth and through my teachings — and the help of others  that you had converted to become a born Christian along with some of your friends, living like lamb amongst wolves and believing the best in those wolves from your country and your international contacts.
  18. Knowing you can read this even from heaven or wherever you are, what ever happen to you—it is not your fault.  It is not your fault  that you ended up how you did or the fault of women or some good men like you who have been victimized by the servants of Evil in this incarnation and your are very much a saint like Monica Bellucci — the reincarnation of  Mary Magdalene and Saint Agnes — who has suffered at the hands of bad angelic men and some women and even clergy and mafia who attacked you early in your youth and even Monica Bellucci was forced to be subject to bad men and threatened by them.
  19. I pray — my warrior princess—  that many people understand and forgive those they blame even today in who are fighting against that which saved them to enter into war against innocent Our None Gender God the Holy Spirit and me — the real warmonger— in times of Crises with Fallen Angels — with judgment power to peacefully and quickly put you down or throw you in jail or defend myself when things were getting started around 2011 and a sabotage World War Three almost started with advanced nuclear and subs and Battle Groups that you might have been misinformed about before joining the American armed services and the Justice Department recruited by lies and under false pretenses.
  20. But the ALLIANZA and Mexican distrito federal and United States Missiles and warheads targeted me by GPS on more than one occasion and this does not include the Mexico US Allianza poisonings that sent me the hospital many times after digesting the poison that should of killed me quickly had I not by Gods help took control of my body, but the pain and nerves without pain medication
  21. But God needed me and wanted me to get pain medication and  help to make the governments accountable for what they did – even though they the Governments of the world lied about it or remained silent when after a while God’s Holy Spirit protected me from missile harm or arms damage.
  22. This is why —-my Angelic warrior princess— that we control everything especially all companies that used to make weapons of mass destruction and now the only missiles that goes into the air are space missiles for our International Space Lab and  World Nations Satellite systems independent for each nation so each nation so that each nation has semi-control of their satellites after my death and I will do my best from above my from above to protect digital war games from provoking  your Coordinated Missile Silo response systems should God feel any country in future after my death should need them for protection from any countries or all countries that have begun to tool up for war — if God allows them.
  23. If not many were part of the foster program that engaged children some for sexual reasons and trafficked children who were good at pretending to be healthy happy children as best they could to survive and  like the many young girls and boys that were trafficked.
  24. For you and Monica, your attackers, the Mason Mafia and those that supported them was because of your beauty and your goodness and the light within you.  And  more than once in your reincarnations you were caused to suffer greatly as many saints usually are.
  25. Commentary on our Angelic War against Fallen Angels – from the Book of revelations where it is written …And there was war in Heaven 
  26. My warrior princess, we have been war on earth for thousands of years and who knows how long we warred in the heavens where time is NOT relevant.   as you know now you took your angelic reincarnation assignments knowing that you might die for wrong side like many of our truest Male and Female angelic heavenly spies in this long war with judgment power to win back those who were deceived by Lucifer Satan the Light bearer that we were charged to save or destroy — first by offerings of peace — then by war leading ourselves at times to our own deaths   and destroying their incarnations through war in the heavens and on earth.
  27. War on earth— my warrior princess— was necessary to save these wayward  souls by preaching peace and the word of our None Gender God the Holy Spirit – be it through the Tao, the wisdom of Confucius,  Hindu Doctrine, Zorastrian Doctrine,  Wisdom Teachings and good learning edifying parables around in many cultures around the world and always fighting for human rights and against Wizardry and against men that sacrificed women and children and murdered other men.
  28. Then we began our long march to incorporate our legendary past the compendium of our Holy Books into the latest incarnation the impacted the world and so we have today the Avesta of Zoroster writings of the Parsi that are embraced by Sihks, Hindus, some Jews and many Baha’i.
  29. This is not to forget the Law Five Books of Moses and the Old Testament the Law of the Prophets, The New testament and Early Christian writings and the Quran that like many books even the Jewish Apocrypha are not considered Canon by Christians
  30. But as you know it takes real Love for God to have an open mind about the word of God as culturally expressed for each nation that it is and  the new revelations of God that we have experience through our collective time spent reincarnating back onto tis planet.,
  31. Inorporated or into our compendium of Good religions such as The Book of Moroni or the Book of Mormon and the creation of good cultural religions that through history have been necessary save these same angels in different ways by revealing the word of God in different good religions through time and space and in doing so our religions have become cross  cultural religions and to prove my point many Americans are Buddhist, and Muslims and I expect this trend to continue in many nations.
  32. And when that did not work to arm themselves when another country has been infested by conspiracy of lies, democracy a religious form of government, the teaching of evil, human sacrifices, war and death by Fallen Angels to support — their democracy — a doctrine of demons — that first started under Lucifer Satan as a Dictatorship in the heavens and opposed free will and freedom.
  33. And many already know that Masonry Satanism or any variation are religions of control by war, murder, conspiracy of lies wizardry, human sacrifices, slavery and depriving you of your rights and freedoms.
  34. I pray you have not died, but if you did, May God help the souls of your female friends and their body doubles if they are female.
  35. May God accept my judgment of men, women and the teams that rally to duplicate you, celebrities or recruit more politicians to play the same world leader or Mason or Freemason.
  36. May God accept my judgment of self-righteous people criticize you wrongfully without knowing anything about your life other than obvious.
  37. Even Fallen Angelic men, know the difference between right and wrong and where good and evil rests.
  38. Fallen male angels are like demons – for in they too believe in God – and corrupt our good religions and penetrate them and have created the Atheist religion and Agnostic religion as well as the murderous sexual Religion of Masonry and Freemasonry a sexual religion whose principles many followed to the tune of mass murder.
  39. And after the Judgment execution of their Hierarchies — those false theocracies of Mason and Freemason Monarchies, Dictatorships, Presidencies such as those under George Bush Jr, Felipe “Cauldren” Calderon and Enrique Pena — a murderous Governor— of Mexico city as well the unconstitutional presidency of Barrack Hussein Obama a man who was carefully chosen and developed to be the next Admiral Byrd (A devout Satanist) in the hypocrisy that goes with democracy that must be practiced to support the Mason Fallen Angel conspiracy of lies and never was there a greater lie and a lier than “Barrack Hussein Obama”  who was not born on US Soil, a qualification to be president.
  40. And once again I remind the world that along with many male world leaders, the Real Barrack Hussein Obama — was arrested and EXECUTED in 2011 for murder in the first degree of International and  US Citizen’s and several  thousands of counts of accomplice to murder, rape, drug abuse while serving in government — even illegally — MULTIPLE  counts of pedophilia with International Children whom many of which were murdered by him personally after sex or thrown by others in fires of Moloch and Ball to eliminate evidence of an undocumented or documented trafficked child that Masons considered worthless.  See Eternity’s quill for the complete list of charged. http://eternitysquill.wordpress.com/
  41. Moloch and Baal worship is one  of Many Mason High Priests rituals that comes  from the Fraternal Greek and Mason Religious Text the “Sacred Fire” a series of four books that promotes murderous Idol worship to Moloch and Ball.  See Hard truths on Human Rights or Sacred Texts.
  42. Or read the Text that makes Moloch and this International greek fraternal book look romantic to read the sacred fire, the doctrine of international Greek Fraternities.
  43. Once again I remind the world, that Fallen angels the Masons and those that supported them always lied to the public around the world if not about its religion and grand master high priests — 33 degree Suit and Tie Mason Satanist —   always causing the public to endorse killing by war and serving the Death religion of democracy and its murderous priest were our politicians Masons and Freemasons.
  44. These men Masons and Freemasons were avowed and oathed to uphold the law and protect the public trust and most importantly it is understood they knew that they should not lie to the public about details of war, or indulge in sexual ritual for political reasons, or mix their religion with state  because Mason and Freemasonry practiced sexual ritual murder that created goodie-two-shoes Satanic Enchantments that made Male Mason look like superheros of society while they raped pillaged and destroyed societies hearts and children
  45. They worshipped Baal, Moloch and Satan and made a sexual murderous religion in the Sacred fire their very first book before joining Masons and Freemasons or a like association and attempt to make it look romantic, mystical, advanced theology, advanced thinking for people who are not taught well about our historical struggle against these Idols known as the Devil, Moloch and Ball, idols of silver and gold that are meaningless and have no spirit,
  46. They attempt to be apologists while talking in Book 4 of the Sacred Fire  about the original revolt in heaven whether they know it or not this revolt is deeply embedded in them.
  47. Revolt against mortal men, Humankind, their revolt against God    They attempt to define Gods Love can be read in Book 4 of the Sacred Fire.
  48. http://sacred-texts.com/sex/tsf/index.htm
  49. Reminder:  God — in whose likeness we are made — is the first source and first angelic being who before taking form to create my Godhead Training staff God the Mother and God the Father –  had no form and needed no form or instrument even to create music.  God is our angel of music,
  50. But the Angel of lies, who was once the bearer of truth and light is author of lies and murder and because of the quality that today we know know as loyalty and because of his Title (the Light Bearer) —- a third of the Angels fell through a conspiracy of lies that is reintroduced into society—- generation after generation by Wizards, Kabballist Fallen Angels and general liars who have religion only as crutch or are without a good religion.
  51. The conspiracy of lies had started since our first war in the Heavens when Michael the Archangel easily through Satan or the devil – Once Known as Lucifer” into the bottomless pit.
  52. Fallen Angels have for many thousands of years created duplicate and have perfected their trade of ritual murder, ourtight mass murder, and conspiracy of lies,
  53. Making duplicates of leaders or lies about their true histories to deceive the people is and has been the downfall of many ancient great civilizations, theocracies and nations whose body doubles — presented high above in temples not accessible to people — to verify the how new tyranny — whose edicts coming from the Divine Office Pharaoh – to name only one example – turned citizens into slaves and prisoners and human sacrifices and the edicts signed by the Kind Pharaoh that once loved them and they loved so much.
  54. And human sacrifices and women children and men, and especially women and children . were always the most highly coveted because real agelic women inherit the greatest of qualities of God, Wisdom, Nurturing and for many others Unconditional Love Agape a loyalty that fallen angelic men whether at this point they know fallen or not – use this quality of loyalty and unconditional love to gather support for Evil government and all its ways.
  55. A message to my subjects, my friends, my Family and to the children of our Bosom and the lovely and Divine Princess Louise Marie Elizabeth Saint the First a Gentle Soul and soul mate from my past —  one of many — who always had that same gleam in her eye, I bid you in your death or whatever may have happened to you — one bit advice that I know you can read from the heavens
  56. This lesson can serve you and others for your next reincarnation and thats is:
  57. Serve no man or woman above your nation, Serve no man or woman above your family, Serve no man or woman above your religion be it considered — a good religion or bad religion, But serve Our None Gender God Our Holy Spirit who corrects all matters of life work and good religion and government when they go bad for they all come from our God who without Form created all good religions in this world that established all good governments.
  58. Other lessons that will help you in any good religion or even in absence and lack of faith.
  59. Having always existed God is all around us in the Spirit and in the Flesh. God supervises all the heavens and the planets — the havens that we know of the worlds that contain life.
  60. God is every Oxygen Molecule that we breath every ray of sunshine that warms us and every drop of rain that refreshes our brow and our fields and sometimes the Hindu God No Name whose mysticism once proclaimed to account for all the natural world Disasters, That our God of No Name — after making world— spun it around and forgot about letting it serve its natural course, through destructive power and even animals that are known to eat men, allowed Hurricanes, Tidal Waves, Volcanic Eruptions to occur and our saving grace is reincarnation, you must be born again.
  61. But is known that consistent fervent prayer and long standing repentance from your deepest most inner parts — has known been known to stop the forces nature or moderate them and extend your the life your current reincarnation.
  62. Our None Gender God who has no name — is all encompassing God and a different — haven — for everyone – a haven is like the heavens — a dimension of salvation and reincarnation preparation heavenly place for the victims of angelic men who became servants evil.
  63. God has a second, like the first a Non gender being the spirit of man who took of for man as God took of form of the Spirit of Woman for the first lesson of procreation in the heavens that a an angel of God is born in flesh from from a male Angelic Being and Female Angelic Being and that a rule nature — survival of the fittest—for those that master it through several reincarnations, is the eventual blessing of eternal life and eternal reincarnation
  64. Meaning after you have lived each life once,  then comes the judgment of that life for each of the lives you have live is judged.
  65. And after transformation into the next race or genetic  strain where you will be born again, only by Gods grace and my love for them that take delight in me or God and I in them, will I be able to absorb you in your death the spirit of former life you lived to heal me of my sorrow and to let me know that your Ok even in your death — though you may be now be awaiting a very new life  in the womb of a good Chinese, African, Mexican, or Middle Eastern family that will raise you not to do drugs that can harm the advice and the investment that your parents  put into you to always do the right thing. .
  66. My Darling Child, Honor your Father and Your Mother, and learn to pray by beating on your heart with the tears of truth when God seems absent in your life and learn to pray for others when forgotten is your reincarnation past and keep praying if you know your prayer is Right Thinking and Right Action for it is reserved for the humble, great power through deep and fervent prayer and committing being non prejudice and find a place of worship to meet others that believe in our precious None Gender God of No Name.
  67. “For Our Most Tolerant and Esteemed God of Name who without even a bowl or even a dining plate, invented cheerios and cereals and all good fruits, grains and animals that are good to eat.”
  68. From the Heart of a Child an answer from God in its do time and some people pray for months and years before they receive the Answer and it is not like Mason Demonology Kabbalah that pretends through demons to be the still small voice of God that gives you instant satisfaction and certain — Technology can only be trusted during great interventions
  69. If a crises is at hand — such as (eChoe) technology a form by witch Our Precious None Gender God our Holy Spirit can communicate with the earth knowing ahead of time — the motivations the minds and the hearts of humans –the angelic beings struggling in the flesh to survive from damnation or trying change their lives for the better.
  70. And when they ask the questions to God in (eChoe) about spiritual warfare strategy ahead of time — and their hearts, minds and souls are wrong and they are read as militant in support of evil by lack of faith or knowing what they are doing, I reserve the right to say no, say nothing, judge them or rid them of their freedom for they use   (eChoe) not for education and and media, false word of mouth,  rumors of wars and conspiracy of lies,  emails encryption,  Kaballah, to further their agenda to destroy faith in following categories:
  71. Being born again or reincarnation
  72. In faith and Trust in God and my reincarnation as Principe Jose Maria Chavira – Adagio 1
  73. In Our Holy Spirit — the author of good religion and Free will
  74. In faith of Our precious None Gender God and in the Son of God – the Spirit of Man — who like God his creator has come many times to earth by being Born Again — as revealer of truth, wisdom, and reform by Gods Grace, a corrector of the crooked road, a prophet, a wise judge, a ruler, a general or an admiral and the son of Carpenter who gave his life for God that you might be born again.
  75. Good Advice also to live by
  76. Take delight first in our precious God of Name — Our Holy Spirit — in the spirit and in the flesh before you take delight in me the Spirit of Man.
  77. For I honor our precious None-Gender God above all angelic women and respectful men before even the women or woman that God puts in my life to marry be it one or 1100.
  78. Principe Jose Maria Chavira M.S. – Adagio I JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni Aga Khan V PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI HOMINIS ESPIRITVS Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT – The reincarnation of Jesus Christ and many mortal beings that incarnated into each genetic line that we have today for instruction and reproof in all things under the Son.
  79. May God bless my edification and the soul of Princess Elizabeth Louise Saint Claire the reincarnation of Princess Marie Antoinette

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