02 This day in Eternity is Quilled™Eternal Awakenings by Discovering the desires of our hearts – © all rights reserved 2011

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This day in Eternity is Quilled™Eternal Awakenings by Discovering the desires of our hearts – © all rights reserved 2011

  1. [She] The Princess Mahadeva of Shiva of India – Awaken my love for I am no fool and awaken your wives and your children that we might continue our dance before them in the mystical garden we once knew when in our innocence we walked with Lord and such dreams we had.
  2. You must awaken and prepare the fair and tan daughters of our First Love for many wives and concubines you will have
  3. And I too must prepare for though they know me not as I know them and to everyone concerned, I am the least of then at least now as I am and as such I hope to win their favor long before we meet again at Judah.
  4. Write us poem my beloved and sing it to us from your heart my Beloved that we may bring our God’s before thy judgment for thy word and thy judgment will be a lamp unto our feet and light unto our path back to our first Zion where lives our First Love.
  5. [They]  Choirs of Angels  – Awaken us to Akkad and even Babylonia our young Shepherd that we may learn again of our mistakes even from the heavens
  6. Awaken us young prince to when we were saved in your Big raft and the souls of your city mocking what they could not see, but your voice we did not ignore for 60 years as you preached and built for us and the animals the Ark and what a wondrous Raft it was,
  7. [She] The Princess Mahadeva of Shiva of India – You must Awaken my Prince Adam for even I hear the voices of angels and that are still yet strange to my understanding.  Pray for my beloved for remembrance of my reincarnations and write it in your heart and embed your love for me in your song.
  8. [He] The Prince  Solomon –  Awaken my wives, my sons and my daughters! For to be awoken to meet the “Great I Am”  is the desire of my heart and thus thine own,
  9. Awaken my wives, my sons and my daughters! For to be awoken to meet the “Great I Am”  is the desire of my heart and thus thine own,
  10. Be still. and awoken for it is  I  Adam,  Prince Adagio – the first-born of Heaven, with whom together we have lived in heaven and on earth.
  11. Search your souls, your inner feelings and remember the Desires of your Hearts,  for in them there are written your failsafes – so that you might not forget God your Holy Spirit your Mother and your Father.
  12. Search your hearts for the many oaths, ballads, poems, that you penned in heaven that the desire not to forget your first love that for our Creator  the Holy Spirit is honored and awoken inside you.
  13. We are not far removed from our bonds, for in our dreams –the mystical heaven of our Lord- do we always embrace.  Our ballads of awakening within our race, our poems of remembrance are written in many forms and not all carry religious  overtones.
  14. But to wake we write and we write to awake and we sleep to dream and in our rem we unlock the secrets of ourselves.  Inside our dreams are enchanted scenes like swirls of paint where forest glens and nymphs abound, where sirens sing in the gardens of delight, where lo we met in some distant time to enjoy the memory of a rhyme.
  15. And like a dream we swim inside a canvass awashed with with swirls of paint that comprise our perfect  gardens of delight filled with flowers and mountains and skies of blue, my writing, my thoughts are a part of you.
  16. And like then in Heaven, I implore you to keep writing down the Desires of your Heart with the mission not to forget the Lord our God and so we come again to know the pleasure of our loves and lives shared blissfully together.
  17. Ye before I was born, we were one in a mystical bosom of unborn souls still yet unknown to each other.
  18. In the cultures of each nationHave I forged thy beauty in my heart
  19. In the chromosomes of life, are your natures perfected
  20. And In you -my divine right- is found the beauty and graceful expression of woman.
  21. In you,  have I loved every pigment of the spectrum that like silk adorns your flesh in each incarnation
  22. And In every creed has thou worshipped by my side lighting candles to eternity
  23. Who art thou oh children of heaven who vexeth me so?  Whom I am challenged always to search the mists of heaven for
  24. In each life hath your smiles and grace blessed me like sunshine on my brow
  25. In every feminine whisper have your oils and scents of myrrh caressed my neck with desire
  26. A touch of honey from the lips of my soul-mates leaves its sweet mildew on my own.
  27. and blessed are your feminine countenances like a lovely pink blush upon your cheek
  28. Awaken children of heaven –the desires of my heart– for much is our labor and tarry we must not
  29. For with our brothers and sisters we are to endeavor in our love for the purposes of Heaven
  30. And like a magic spell placed upon us by GodWe are challenged to rediscover ourselves and our past lives when we need to live in here and now.
  31. For by God’s purposes we are in want to remember of eternal things and of our past lives, but God wants us to put the past behind us and make new the world in every incarnation.
  32. And to make us strong we are forced to forget the desires of our hearts and more do we endure in the want for the knowledge of our incarnations.
  33. Just so that each new life by faith we can rediscover the spirit of God as for the first time, As if we only one lived once.
  34. And rediscovering our God is like being born again, It is never is the same way twice.
  35. Fear not for in the rediscovering of our love for each otherIf soul mates we truly are–Is an adventure, a maze of excitement, a wonder and a mystery.
  36. I confess to you my Utmost, my greatest sin is to forget heaven when in the presence of a divine angelic woman.
  37. But for God’s ecstasy ….the princesses of “this my eternal song”…do I give thee thanks
  38. Awaken in them my Lord, that I might see you as one in each of them and that we might rest together from our labors in the gardens of delight and minister to one another in spirit and in truth.
  39. Awaken in us is oh God “the Great I AM” who forever finds rest and rejoices in the bodies of our temples.
  40. Awoken again I am so I might find pleasure in your service oh great One.
  41. Awoken again I am to remember the dreams of angels past my wives my children my brothers and my sisters and the Glory of your gentle nature oh REX INTIMA-Ruler of my Innermost Parts.
  42. Alive again today we your children are awoken once more in the flesh and in the spirit.
  43. An lo as angels of heaven in the flesh do we gather our wits to battle both awake and in our dreams to make real our vision to forge our earth in the likeness of heaven.
  44. Awaken us oh lord so as to live in the service of  “the desires of our hearts”
  45. Which is a life in service of you our Non-Gender God, so that all else shall be added unto us.
  46. My loving wives, my sons and daughters. my heavenly sisters and noble brothers forgive me in my audacity, for God our Holy Spirit is my first love whom I put first above all things.
  47. For once awoken you will know your love for the Shakina Glory is also the same.
  48. So yoked to heaven and to God’s Holy Spirit we all are  princes and princesses and the stars of heaven and the planets, that our grandure causes us to forget from whence we came.
  49. Oh divine Children of heaven, you are fairest of them all and impart my omniscient soul I do that I might find pleasure in each of thee.
  50. And for Respecting our Holy Spirit without name and who is father and mother to us all, our reward is love, happiness, and peace on earth
  51. Our love is unbound by petty rules for our morality is greater than Lucifer’s-Kali’s– MolochChemosh -the god of the Moabites- or any god that today’s wizards might lift high so that men can lie with men for the sake of hell’s “mysteries.”
  52. And as the new bearers of light, we have cast out Lucifer long ago, once a brother, once loved of God and make to ashes the gods of ashes and judge the believers of them to the same.
  53. Oh brothers and sisters, before my own, your happiness is what I seek.
  54. And Before myself, do I regard God, others and my charge that is this world
  55. That is the way taught to us by our Holy Spirit in heaven long before we came to this planet one of many that bears life.
  56. I am awoken oh great ones of heaven that once again that I might serve you and our great “I AM”





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