00. This day in eternity is quilled “Rex Intima Ruler of my Innermost parts” by Prince Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT © all rights reserved

Rex Intima ruler of my innermost parts- written to piano music

I exists in the lights and in the shadows of worlds and heavens that you know nothing of. Maybe that is why you place Christmas lights on a tree so as to look for me inside the innermost parts of the burning bush that a Christmas tree represents.

But remember,  I am alive everywhere, even inside yourself.

I experience life through every living thing that carries my life force.

Good or Bad, I feel the crimes and the sins that my children commit of their own free will and the blessings that come with those who treat and respect themselves and others just as I would.

Yet living life through the collective consciousness of everything that contains life is not always satisfying.

I like to incarnate as unique individual or as many souls not knowing who I am, but knowing that I am a good person in any form that I wish to assume so I can lend a helping hand to my angelic sons and daughters.

I never cheat, keep to myself and even awoken never let anyone know who I am.

I take pleasure in the simple things such as melodies played on a grand piano before a fire or even an opulent 37 foot high glass window overlooking a beautiful lake filled with swans gently swimming against the current of a waterfall in the far off distance.

I take pleasure in a symphony or even in a simple adagio that was composed long ago in heaven before having chosen who on earth will write and play them in some distant Universe, in some far away world that exists and thrives always inside my innermost parts.

Inside my bosom I carry eternity and all that exists yet I take pleasure in things my fallen sons and sometimes my daughters could care less about.

Call me the cat lady next door who dies alone in a house filled with hundreds of animals that have somehow mystically found their way into the garden of my life and onto the comfort of my furnishings and couches hoping and praying my children will adopt them when after my death they find their way to a shelter after they are picked up.

I also take pleasure in adopting a single abandoned little cat or mangy dog that nobody wants and in helping seniors, women and children in any way I can without breaking the rules of allowing the world to turn without immense direct intervention all the time.

I expect men to be men and leaders and to not lay with their own species for such is an abomination to the spirit of man whom I created before even giving birth to the angels in one of the most enchanting and greatest of mystical dances and metaphorical of love scenes ever to be written this day in eternity even if I do say so myself.

Your births as angels were melodic, beautiful and miraculous.  You were all born to music and because I considered you all the same, I expect equality for men and women.

I expect men and women never to put emphasis on sex in government or making sex, ritual murder, magic, democracy, lying in conspiracy and deceit as a way to run government.

I expect men at times to fight for what they believe is right, but only after the efforts of many quills of peace have not rendered satisfactory results and no greater struggle that could be had is that of nation that struggles with itself keeping all other nations out of their internal business and affairs.  Such was the Boxer Rebellion in China, and also the struggle that in the United States we know as the Civil War.

However, I would rather have children that chose not war with each other and wars are fought mostly because of prejudice and greed and for the lack of faith and wisdom in reincarnation many would think their nationality a fixed permanent fixture in their personal wheel of becoming.

The first Heaven is government and in the first heaven there are no state orgies, no torture chambers, no religion of Democracy or Mason Kabbalah, and no sexuality whatsoever, but plenty of natural mysticism.

Thus this day in eternity it is written let all things be done on earth as they are in Heaven.

Ironically, I find myself praying even to myself when behold I become one with a mortal body.

When I do incarnate, no one knows who I am let alone myself, but it is always for a reason until awoken by the mystical hour-glass that measures time inside my soul and programmed in those tiny grains of sand is my awakening a slow unfolding of eternity into an expanse of time that is unseen by the mortal eye.

When I incarnate, it is a situation where a child needs a parent or situation that requires clear minded clear thinking responsibly minded people to draw out from fallen angels if not a higher spiritual understanding the common sense that abides and is programmed into all angels.

‘Incarnating in dimensional mysteries is something that I enjoy most doing as the Holy Spirit – the compendium of all spirits ever made who were released and like me,  have their free will and each angelic spirit was celebrated in their heavenly births to music like the birth of a great king or queen should be.

Being a parent to all life is what I live for and as a mortal making responsible adults out of irresponsible children is for me the greatest and most challenging and rewarding aspect of living.

Incarnating for me is an artful and musical event and always a drama filled with tears, tragedy and happy ending if not with a measure of hope left for human’s to write their own ending.

However, before I incarnate I feel my own eternity – and leaving the greatest aspect of my Love and myself behind so the Heaven’s, the Universes and the Worlds are assured that their Non Gender God a being without form –what I have always been– is still in control.

Each time before I incarnate, I chose to think of everything all at once and encompass my power inside my tiny new soul a new birth and a sacred event for me every time I incarnate even if it be as a beggar to test my children’s generosity and kindness.

And thus I plan out my life and my death and the story of my life or lives each one in exquisite detail leaving room for improvisation and allowing free will to work its course through my mortal essence.

And I select carefully who my friends are going to be and what goals I expect to accomplish and then slowly make myself forget everything as I mantra myself through the rhythmic steps of a miraculous incarnation and descending down to the world I made.

Then subtly my universes and heavens fill with my music and I begin the process descending programing my new life perfectly into a small tiny ball of light that will unfold inside my soul as I go through my own sacred ritual of incarnation that honors morality and all that I have created and what I hope to accomplish.

Knowing I am going to exists in the mortal flesh outside of myself is the most difficult part, and my angels protect me more than they should.

Thus I mantra my soul into existence and can assume human form instantaneously at any age and then once I incarnated I have memories of my childhood, my schooling and even parents that love me and the entire world cannot disprove my existence as memories have been planted in all people even in the minds of professors whose classrooms I never sat in and it all feels normal to me as if I did.

I choose a culture and color that I want to enjoy while living a life of purpose and always am educationally and religious minded.

Then from eternity I clasp my hands and begin to sing to the sacredness of the eternal and immortal nature that I must leave behind knowing that I will awaken at some point and having to keep a secret that I am one with myself and still carry the full power of Universes and Heavens with me.

I will myself from dimension to dimension as my angels are very smart taking only those that will care for me and look out for me until I awaken.

Even then they do not leave my side even as I take care of myself and all that exists in the Heavens and the Universes a task that comes natural to me even in the flesh.

Thus as I shift into each sacred dimension that I have created for this event, I travel through time in honor of Eternal space –a space that is not curved — but a space filled with heavens and universes that are impossible to perceive.

This theory that space is curved space is a great insult to me.  Doth my divine institution of Science have no shame? This theory attempts to limit the greatness of even a common angel who can –in all its perfection after an untold measure of time, reincarnations and successful and consistent incarnations — contain a universe inside them.

This is why it is written in the Gospel of Saint Thomas that the Kingdom of Heaven is within you and that’s only the beginning.

Why build a theory on a wheel, when you can build one on an existence that goes forever in every direction having no beginning?

Hiding in science is what false spirits like to do.  Healing false spirits is something that must be done in the heavens and the worlds through reincarnation.

Thus from every dimension with hands held tightly I experience my stations bidding a momentary farewell to the greatest aspect of who I am to enter into one of man untold segments of linear time as measured by my angelic beings throughout the Universes, the Heaven’s and the Worlds.

I have no age in the spirit yet in mortal terms I am an ever refreshing fountain of youth that can slow or extend my own oxidation processes and suspend all physical laws.

To be honest physical laws are impossible because we can suspend them and make life miserable for Godless scientists and gratifying for those like Einstein who was more interested in Quantum Mechanics than in his thoughts of well-ordered universe where God plays dice with the Universes and the Worlds and breaks the rules preferring to travel backwards in time instead of forwards .

Hold fast to theories and calling them physical laws destroys faith in what is more constant and that is my power the power that created your world and your solar system.

And thus I continue to descend into your world of unbelief ready to meet you in your agnostic anti-social ways head on and despite the miracles I ask you to take my word for you avoid belief and faith in me like the plague.

And whatever you teach my children passively or directly in school though your small-minded limited scientific minds.  I will un-teach my children.

Each world is a Heaven and a haven for reincarnation purposes.  It is this teaching that vexes even scientist lo even the religious.

Each haven that has ever been created has been for the advancement of angels one might call an overachiever the kind who volunteer to go into a backwards world where wars and rumors of wars still exist.

Now you know that as heavens go there are none greater than the havens that help you to overcome your warlike tendencies.

Written and Authorized by the Son of God in Partnership with the Holy Spirit – © all rights reserved JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni M.S.. PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI – AGA KHAN XIII – Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT- Adagio I –


™JCANGELCRAFT.yv Princess Audrey Hepburn

- the Completeness of God -

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