I pray God Bless our new Calenders around the World


In spring every little bunny rabbit that is born comes out because their parents found a mate and they and all life forms now have  three new seasons the to go.

The four seasons have been historically revered but their theocratic meaning and significance  since was replaced with wizard religious democracy associations these last 60 years who have replaced our seasons with bad magical wizardry associations.

Do you giggle when you google http://google.com/


Our Calender’s Equinoxes and solstices are sacred and given to us by God – as diverse as our traditions around the world are that celebrate  the four seasons and our wheel of reincarnation good rituals of God should exist in every culture for them apart from religion so that we can meet the less religious people in our communities.

™ JCANGELCRAFT …with you Always - Picture 9 - the Completeness of God

Freedom of Speech is one of our Holy Spirits Greatest Institutions Leave a Reply.

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