00.My Sweet Holy Spirit

Dueno de mi Corazon

Messege to the World – “I must say that every good religion of peaceful believers in Jesus Christ has its place in this world. Even Jehova’s Witnesses even Muslims and Taosists and all good peaceful Gnostic religions; and it is by faith, miracles signs and wonders through the word of God that this world and each of its good governments and all good laws were established.” JC Angelcraft

Diary entry December 20th 2013

To My Sweet Lord,  My Darling-Darling Brahma Holy Spirit. How I want to share you with the world.  And though this song is written praising me, I praise you with it and dedicate this song to you.   As I look at your son George Harrison and contemplate his life and the harsh criticisms he got by conservative people, it amazes me how you take the musicians of the world to confound the wise and the self righteous.

Diary Entry  (December 16, 2016 @ 16:15:46) a music video playlist

Your Only Begotten Son Lord Rama Krishna

The Destroyer of Evil and the Lord of Hosts

Also known as  Son Altesse Royale – JV Agnvs Dei Verbvm Dei Filvs Dei  – Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio  1st Dominus dominorum est et rex regum et reginarum Primogenitvs Filvs Dei Hominis Espritvs Agnvs Khan V  – Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft The Judge of this World and the King of Angels – the Alpha and the Omega- the Good Shephered. 01. The reincarnation of Jesus Christ ….”again I say to you….as what is in the begining so it shall be forever ….you must be born again….  this earth is what you make of it …generation after generation.  02. Since Garden of eden and even in Greece and Rome and since the days of Osiris this has been our teaching to you. 03. Be kind to one another and do good works unto each other not hurting anyone or helping the enemy with political lies that will be your own undoing.   04. Work no iniquity, tell no lies and do not harm your neighbor with lies. 05. Do not rely on the logic of fallen angels and those who lie and work iniquity among you, 06. but cast them away from you and do not read or look for the lies of demons and tell people, “look here is the truth.” 07. Surely I say to you this day they who seek to destroy me and the works of my hand and belief in my ministry shall destroy themselves.  08.  I have come that people around the world in many good faiths and peaceful gnostic creeds might have life and life more in abundance. JC Angelcraft La renaissance de Jesus Christ –http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiAtVAdCYZgiCFiREsgY11w

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0 700 Pixels Prince Adagio 1 Gods Only Begotten Son Holy Spirit Seal on Black Canvassjc-angelcraft-la-couronne-monde-chateau-versailles-france-arttobias-and-rafael-andrea-vicarro-ca1640tocha-1through-many-lifetimes-in-many-cultures-have-we-been-mother-and-son-with-god-father-our-holy-spirit-watching-from-abovetocha-11600-x-900-adagio-1st-the-renaissance-of-jesus-christ-historical-truths-renaissance-paintings-oil-on-canvass-the-existance-of-the-angel-gabrial-time-and-space-art-by-jc-angelcraft

adagio-1st-the-renaissance-of-jesus-christ-corporation-corpus-thumbnail-by-jc-angelcraft-1600-x-900-francis-judged-and-comforted-by-an-angel-painted-by-saint-carravaggio01. Cast away all (heresy) and heretics away from you and the heretics that believe in Frances the Heretic, or Benedict the Ursurper- even more me.  Becuase if you cannot believe in me and my minsitry as JC Angelcraft how are you going to believe in greater truths and the minsitry of my Holy Spirit.



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