Published on: Jan 11, 2016 @ 16:42 WABC Webcast

WABC American Boadcast Company Television Network

To have news media we must tell the truth and nothing  means more to me than helping everyone around the world restore the  stations of news they love so much JC  Angelcraft

If ABC or any programing from your favorite television station, satelite, cable and wireless offends you please file a complaint with Echoe who will forward it to the appropriate regulation agencies.  It is unlawful for any of our media companies to promote false elections in any country or dead masons or former world leaders as if they were alive. Jose Maria Chavira Owner of ABC American Broadcast Network. Check (eChoe for local, state, and national news for your country)

Our news formats and print media are changing to reflect new and right poltical truth and a non- terror non-democracy agenda,   This Theocratic mandate applies to every country in the world.

His Royal Highness Prince Jose Maria Chavira MS, Adagio 1st Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT Silverado Palace Silverado California  Owner and Chairman of ABC American broadcast Network, Conservationist, Human, Children and Animal Rights Activist and Co-Founder of the Angelcraft Foundation for Education and All Legal Business Designations and Corporations necessary to privatize any human management organizations and media in the private, public and government sectors that pose a threat to their citizens welfare safety, and state of mind.

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