Thank Heaven God’s Holy Spirit Exists.  Thank Heaven there IS a God –


1. To support all of God’s Good Religions and teach Reincarnation “You Must be Born Again read the Book of J0hn 3:3-John 3-16.  I come that you might have peace and that more abundantly to lesson your burdon with the grace and power of the Holy Spirit who knows all and sees all.


To honor the Holy Spirit by renaming Mexico to Espiritu Santo for the power that stemmed from here to rebalance and save the world from self destruction and rename all nations with wisdom, but none more important the the renaming of a country that allowed its Mason Presidents and the whole Mason world to step on it and committ mass genocide in Chiapas and several states including Mexico City not forget Africa and the Middle east that suffered terriby at the hands of the Organized Crime Syndicate known as the Religion of Masonsry that prohibited children from praying in school and fooled all the nations that they were autonomous using creatrive ways to cheat the voters into accepting False George Bush Jrs, Felipe Calderons, Barrack Hussein Obamas, and Enrique Pena’s after they were judged.


2.  To establish the Angelcraft Foundation for Education first on faith.  Originally named the Latin American Foundation.  Chartered in October 2008 by Mexico’s Congress as Fundacion JC ANGELCRAFT A.C. Tax ID FJA 0809108B-5 Run now by me and the Holy Spirit looking to always to love and to give of our resources and our educative spirits.


3. To write the 9 needs all humans have and “the Tenth need.”  In the tenth need is stated that you do not need to love God or be a religious person to be a good person and love others and do good works unto others and to the world.

 The tenth need is that desire to go that extra mile, to walk the narrow path, to be upright in all things and be better people than the Mason’s and those that supported them.  Always asking for forgiveness and touching your heart for all things every day.  To not run away from the fight when Wizard Masons try to kill you or give up when they try to poison you over and over again.

4. To partnership with the Holy Spirit and reestablish faith, religion, education, and commerce under Godly authority and usurp the Mason’s World and those that support them so as to balance the world and to take over all holdings of Arms Dealers, Drug Dealers and All Nations that under the central Authority of Mason’s at Malta ruled the world and sex trafficked in children for the Greek Fraternal rituals of human sacrfices in various methdos to horrible to describe.

5.  To be the tip of the arrow in fighting for human rights, animal rights, children’s rights, and be a world conservation authority. To honor all colors of men and women and to be neutral with all nations favoring none over another, but, with the help of our God of No Name our precious and tender Holy Spirit  re-stablishing balance to the world and eliminate unemployment and erase all debt of nations and start over again. To eliminate Cabalaba all forms of magic and witchery and judge those that want to resestablish the religion of democracy under whatever name they choose.  To judge those who want to return to the system of killing children, humans and adults to generate magic that covers their murderous state orgies and blinds the world with smiles from pearly tooth Satanist Masons in all the nations and all forms of government.  I come to defeated the Hydra Ten Headed Monster of Revalations (Leviathon)  the Body Double of world leaders that after one is judged another takes their place using the same name.

6. And In all things, conquering by faith and giving them over to the Holy Spirit and living according to God’s perfect will though being the richest man in the world submitting to Lord in all things while fighting Wizardry, Witchcraft, and Cabala as well as Mason Demonology.

7. To conquer and judge the world once again as the genetic reincarnation of two important Royal Lines and let not one good religions feel left out.  My Catholic side of my Family are descended from the line of David that established the European and Asian Royal families nd My Muslim side from the Prophet Mohammad that continued to establish royals and also establish Asian Royals beside their own Royal Heritage and Inheritance from God.  To let the world know with boldness and without shame that I am the son of God and the Spirit of man the reincarnation of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for your sins and first born of our Non Gender God in the Spirit and in the Flesh.


Prince Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT M.S. Alumni California Southern University Post Graduate School of the Behavioral Sciences with Honors and Author of the Nine Needs All Humans Have co written with the Holy Spirit,  A new addition to the family of Psychodynamic Therapies as an Assessment Scale and a Nice addition to Family Centered Therapay.  Prince Adagio graduated not under his divine name but under his name of birth Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Magna Cume Laud.  He holds an A Bacherlos Degree Magna Cume Laude.

While working his own 24 hour 7 day a week Plumbing company J&M Express of Anaheim Hills he graduated with an Associate of Arts from Orange Coast College with 3,86 GPA and Earning a Certificate of Outstanding achievement on graduation for tutoring Students in English, Political Science and was a registered Tutor in the Social Sciences.

Jose Maria recieved a letter of recomendation to attened Unversity of Southern California at Los Angeles from his Teacher and his Tutorial Mentor.   To read a short version of the “Tenth Need” and “The Nine Needs all Humans Have” co written with the Holy Spirit copy and paste this link into your browser.      


He is also holds two diploma’s from Dale Carnagies Business College Executive school of Finishing sponsored by Hoffman Southwest 1995-1996.

Magna Cum Laude B.A.  California Southern University – Student Body Representative.

Magna Cum Laude M.S. Psychology California Southern Post Graduate School of the Behavioral Arts.

Has written and published several children’s books and short stories as well as edited and rewritten a Geography Book and his own treatise on Human Anatomy complete with Illustrations and writings on the entire Human Body right down to cell division and excerpts on the Double Helix.

He has written extensive poetry and more works than can be described in this forum.  For this incarnation his personal goal was to draw all people to the source of their religion – Our God of No Name Our Precious Holy Spirit using power as well as the quill. –  JCANGELCRAFT staff

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™Eternity's Quill Before the Sword.yv in partnership with the Holy Spirit © all rights reserved Official Crest -Eblem -Icon and Coat of Arm's
“Defcom 1” Agnvs Dei II Coat of Arms for ™Eternity’s Quill Before the Sword.yv in partnership with the Holy Spirit © all rights reserved Official Crest -Eblem -Icon and Coat of Arm’s

™JCANGELCRAFT is a registered trademark and the creator of YHWH jeans © all rights reserved and many other brand names that do not carry its name.

™JCANGELCRAFT is in partnership with the Holy Spirit and is in association with ™Angelcraft Crown Incorporated andhttp://angelcraftcrownincoporated.wordpress.com/  

Aside from owning and promoting my company WordPress and not abandoning the use of my company’s domain associated with many of my business accounts.

By the Grace, Power, Favor, and Partnership and with the Help of Holy Angels and the Holy Spirit we own and are i partnership with many company’s around the world to ensure their success and avoid their collapse.

To avoid a world financial crises we took control the World Banking system to equalize a world and fix the problems created by Mason bias created for their elite that comprise a very small percentage of the people of this world.

These people had the money to cure the world’s poverty and did not and their contributions were extremely insignificant and evidence of poverty all over the world as well as their leaders plan for the extermination of the coloreds through Bioterrorism something too terrible or even mention in detail, but we all know it to be true.

This of course not to forget their Alianza’s Terror War war on the People, their Pogroms on even poor whites, their genocide on the indigenous and their Black Sabbaticals supported by the Old Vatican Church.

As a result I had to created a Private Security Company Angelcraft Crown Security Division a company to procure real justice as Judges started to set free the killers of young women and activists as well as young men.

And find a solution for serial killers working for Masons’s and their Religion of Democracy worldwide who need blood, murder, to set off their destructive pedophilia Black magic they call Kabbalah that they used to enjoy in state orgies while worldwide sending troops to their deaths in skirmishes that sometimes were death pacts with their Mason organized crime buddies in other countries albeit on a lower level.

See Angelcraft Crown Security Division http://angelcraftcrownsecuritydivision.wordpress.com/ and Angelcraft Crown Global Security Services http://angelcraftcrownglobalsecurityservices.wordpress.com/ for more Information

I had not choice but to take command of this world’s justice system and arrest or judge Masons and those that supported them and put them in a  progressive corrections system or insane asylums as schizophrenics for the crimes they committed against humanity namely the dealing of Illegal Drugs,  the child and human trafficking trade, Industrial Slavery, Child Breeding, and the murdering of men, women and children in their rituals of Moloch while worshipping their idol of war in murderous homosexual Rituals where they cannibalized children after having sex with their dead bodies to protect their religion of Democracy a doctrine of Demons..

Mason’s and Greek Fraternal Males and those that support them still love the treatise written by Jonathan Swift called a “A Modest Proposal” a story about the poor selling their children to them to eat while espousing their vomit of Utopia and doing just the exact opposite of what Utopia is supposed to mean creating since its writing impoverished European and World societies so they could eat and traffic in children for pedophilia Black magic and murderous Magical Rituals that destroy lives and nations and create a system of fear and slavery.

These Masons and Greek Fraternal males and those that support them believe in books like the Sacred Fire.  Books not worth reading, but the public must be informed.  They still sell them in book stores around the world.

 See Hard Truths on human rights for more information on their sacred books and their extensive organized crime syndicate controlled by Malta what has off an on throughout history been a hub good and bad world centralized world government.  –

Their unholy “pig.” is called pig because pig was offered to the idol of Moloch during the human sacrifices they did to Moloch or chemosh back in the day’s where this idol first became a problem.

We call our scripture Cow and it is blessed and at one time commanded by God to offer a greater sacrifice an Oxen or Angus.

Because of this very secretive network of societies where these men and those that supported them hid the highest of them wearing suits and ties and even the occasional tuxedo fooled all of us and God did not awaken me until it was the right time.

By consequence and by our divine right, we have had to take over the World’s Banking system they once controlled and the world reserve working closely with World Bank and all Central Banks all over the World to weed out the intelligence agents who are organized crime that set themselves up inside and outside all institutions of finance and banking as well as mortgage houses to try and become rich by money transfers and titling property that did not belong to them and murdered anyone one that got in their way.

I thank the Holy Spirit and Pray from timely resurrection’s if it was not their time to die as a honest and “HONEST” mortgage and bank managers are hard to find as well as investment house brokers are hard to find.

In partnership with the Holy Spirit I own two of the the Largest most complex business networks in the World

 ™Angelcraft Crown Incorporated and http://angelcraftcrownincorporated.wordpress.com/  and a revived and restructured very old American company once called Electric Boat now a division of ™General Dynamics Incorporated that the Holy Spirit restored to an International Company that specializes in technology and work’s Closely with another one our ours an even larger Conglomerate Angelcraft Aeronautical – a company establish on its own Island to insure trust from all nations.

For more information on General Dynamics  http://generaldynamicsincorporated.wordpress.com/

I minister before the Lord of Hosts in my mind, my heart and my soul and with all my strength for every good religion in this world –while I work with and on my companies and not all carry the name Angelcraft in their D.B.A.

As the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, I (Prince Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT) carry the full omniscient power of God’s Holy Spirit. I am expected to take care of my Angels and this World and all that it contains and also take of my incarnated good Angels such as yourselves and those struggling hard throughout the judgment..

I like my precious Holy Spirit the God of No Name specialize in Writing and Editing Holy scripture, Banking, Technology, Security, Education, Aerospace, Fashion, Science, Music, Marketing, Broadcast Media, Graphic Design, Getting people Jobs, World Activism, Human and Animal rights ministry and activism and everything under the Sun.   

Very important to our cause is also to restore your National Pride and Autonomy — something you have not had in a long time as voting Kingdoms and Sovereignty’s something you have not had since the International Organized Crime Mason Syndicate at Malta –controlled mostly by Nazi Teutonic Knights– took control and power over the Malta group keeping the entire world and the Nations in huge debt into the Trillions through the selling of Arms Dealing and Weapons of Mass Destruction.    

Cordially Prince Adagio Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT  the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

Authorized and written by – JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni M.S.. PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI – AGA KHAN V – Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT- Adagio I – in partnership with the Holy Spirit –  http://eternitysquillbeforethesword.wordpress.com


Prince Adagio the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ the Son of God

Authorized and written by – JV AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al-Hussayni M.S.. PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI – AGA KHAN XIII – Nome de Plume JCANGELCRAFT- Adagio I – in partnership with the Holy Spirit –  http://eternitysquillbeforethesword.wordpress.com


Minoan Left Waves

777-The-Completeness-of-GodMinoan Right Waves

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