Day 1 of the fourteen days of Valentine.

…it might be crazy what i’m about to say….zee zum, zee zum, zee zumm ...cause I am happy…..

”…Oh hello there?”


”You are encroaching on Tombstone 2017”

”Thats right Ike, so next time that I come you best step aside.”

”Hey that is a cowboy line”

”Yes it is Ike”

Happy valentines day JC Angelcraft

”Happy Valentines day Ike, and  what are you doing inside that egg?”

”I’m just funin around”

”ok” said JC so am I

”I think JC could have handled that a bit better”’  Shh I’m going going to read you something.

Day 1 of the fourteen days of Valentine.

The day is young and so are our hearts so do not tarry to come to me though longer I shall wait for you still.

Oh so much we can do to still a moment in this lapse of time in eternity called valentines.

Let us together conceal ourselves from the world if but for moments throughout the day to redsicover the bonds of our love.

Let us walk through the hills and by the waters edge and enjoy nature you and me drinking hot chocolate and building snowmen.

Let us roam through doors and window cills of your favorite stores and at midnight let us play some darts and see if together we can pierce and better define the center point of our love.

The day is young on this splendid winters day.  And I have some words to say.

Be my valentine.

JC Angelcraft   Day 1 of the fourteen days of Valentine

”Let me see, let me see” said wee-bitty bunny. ”


”We bitty?”

”Happy Valentines day JC Angelcraft”’

Happy Valentines day to you too wee-bitty bunny .

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