The adventure continues

We are in a media and news crisis level 7.  Look to our network for more information or speak to officials at your local government offices. – Turkey Creek Jack Johnson and Texas Jack Vermillion Tombstone 2017

“You got trouble” Tombstone 2017 by JC Angelcraft …..Chapter 2 … the adventure continues .

Where did we leave off?……Oh yeah I forgot….. a brief recap,,,

Mexican police,


“They call me Curly Bill Brosius. I’m what you might call the Founder of the Feast.”

“Don’t be stupid we know  Curly Bill Brosius, we met him…. on the road to Damascus”

“I am the other  Curly Bill Brosius”

“You make us so happy…… and so what happened next?”  Well ….Curley said

“So next time we come,   you’d better step aside.”

“Make us”

“Curley I want to introduce to you Turkey Creek Jack Johnson and Texas Jack Vermillion”

“Now I don’t want any trouble”  said Curly

“Well you got trouble…..It says in the Bible Curly that the Blood of Jesus can save your life and save soul and we want to save your soul right now”

“Don’t mind Curly boys”

“Your not as stupid as you look IKE”

“Curly’s just fooling”

“We’re not,, God’s word is no joke”


“what does the Bible say” asked Curly

It say’s in John 3;16 …that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotton son that whosever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life….Do you accept Jesus Christ as your own personal Lord and Savior Curly?”

“We don’t want any trouble boys “

“Shut up IKE….Say when”

“Church Services are every Sunday,,,the church is behind the Bank on the right hand side Curly ”

“Can we bring the Cowboys”  asked IKE?”

 “How many you Got?”

“Hundreds of them”

“OK”  …..”We’ll be waiting” –  end chapter 1

Writer and Author

In order to move on we must  tell the truth always and from this we must not waver  –  S.A.R. Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st  Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft

“You got trouble” Tombstone 2017 by JC Angelcraft …..Chapter 2  the  problem with cowboys

The Cowboys arrived that morning  but instead  of going  to Church they went to the bar and so the townspeople went to see if they could talk to them .

I am still looking over the next entry.  This is not such a priority but we will continue.  Please be patient.  I am also considering  giving  “You Got Trouble Tombstone 2017”   its own blog  but I need to work it into one of our activist categories  to  make more purposeful.      Environment and Ecology is one category being considered.
Wyatt and Doc are also concerned for environment between Card games  Justice  and Sunday School and protecting people.
Current Emergency: Media: White Supremacist mind control news and media.
EMA Emergency Management Agency . We are at a Level 6 state of Emergency (Emergency State of readiness 1-7 and preparedness levels inform the civilian population our state of readiness and has military implications level 1 being of greatest concern and Levels 5-7 the least concern with heavy emphasis on the media) All nations are now at level 7 state of preparedness . Adagio 1st


Chapter 2 the problem with Cowboys – “You got trouble” Tombstone 2017 by JC Angelcraft

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