You got trouble Tombstone 2017 by JC Angelcraft …you have to be born again…”dont be stupid”

In order to move on we must  tell the truth always and from this we must not waver  –  S.A.R. Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st  Nome de Plume JC Angelcraft

Early learning is about imagery and interaction the Parent-Teacher and Child relationship being a stimulous and response relationship for maximum learning results in the most positive direction.  –  JC Angelcraft  author of the Nine Needs all Humans Have –

“You got trouble. ” Tombstone 2017 by JC Angelcraft  …..”you have to be born again”………”Don’t be stupid”

It is the 1800’s and The Civil conflict is over, and the resulting economic explosion spurs the great migration west.

Farmers, ranchers, prospectors, women’s-libbers, sock puppets and tieves seek their fortunes.

Cattle drovers turn cow towns into armed camps with unemployment rates higher than those of modern-day New York or Los Angeles and the people are forced to spend their savings.

Out of this chaos comes legendary lawman Wyatt Earp, retiring his badge and gun to start a peaceful life with his family.

Earp’s friend John ‘Doc’ Holliday a Southern gentleman dentist  turned orthodontist, gumchewer, a quick draw artist and gambler,
also travels west, hoping the dry climate will help his lungs.

In Arizona, Silver is discovered but the Lone Ranger and Tanto are nowhere to be seen.

Many towns pop up in wild west in those days and Limestone was one of them….or was it Tombstone?  Yes it was Tombstone

In any event, Tombstone becomes queen of the boomtowns, where the latest Paris fashions are sold from the backs of wagons and LEVI’s are invented which made God very very happy.

Attracted to this atmosphere of greed and dancing girls, over exiled Texas outlaws band together to form the toothless gang recognized by the red sashes they wear and by their poorly made dentures.

These outlaws emerge as the earliest example of organized crime in America. Many were former soldiers who fought in the Civil war and were hard pressed to conform to life in the big cities of St Louis New York even San Francisco.

They call themselves the “Doughboys”



“They called themselves the “Cowboys”  said Turkey Creek Jack Johnson and Texas Jack Vermillion a pair of fellow sophisticats

“And they were a Gang of Cowboys who wore Hats and Red sashes.”

“Y’all stole the scarfs of two Cowboys”.

“We did not!”

“You Do too!”

“We did not!”

“Yes you did!”

“No we didn’t”


(Silence) the two sides talk amomg themselves)  (another long pause before Curly breaks in)
“Looks like we win.”

Mexican police,


“They call me Curly Bill Brosius. I’m what you might call the Founder of the Feast.”

“Don’t be stupid we know  Curly Bill Brosius, we met him on the road to Damascus”

“I am the other Curly Bill Brosius”

“You make us so happy…… and so what happened next?”  Well ….Curley said

“So next time we come, you’d better step aside.”

This is pretty good


“Make us”

“Curley I want to introduce to you Turkey Creek Jack Johnson and Texas Jack Vermillion”

“Now I don’t want any trouble”  said Curly

“Well you got trouble…..It says in the Bible Curly that the Blood of Jesus can save your life and save soul and we want to save your soul right now”

“Don’t mind Curly boys”

“Your not as stupid as you look IKE”

“Curly’s just fooling”

“We’re not,, God’s word is no joke”


“what does the Bible say” asked Curly

It say’s in John 3;16 …that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotton son that whosever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life….Do you accept Jesus Christ as your own personal Lord and Savior Curly?”

“We don’t want any trouble boys “

“Shut up IKE….Say when”

“Church Services are every Sunday,,,the church is behind the Bank on the right hand side Curly ”

“Can we bring the Cowboys”  asked IKE?”

 “How many you Got?”

“Hundreds of them”

“OK”  …..”We’ll be waiting”


….we are still in a Media Crisis Level 5.  Please try not to panick because of alarming or bad political news.  The Forces of justice have everything under control –  JC Angelcraft …everything with conscience, everything with purpose, everything with care

Will there be more? “…Yes” replied the Mother


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