The squirrels and animals by JC Angelcraft …a childrens story – Happy Presidents Month in the United States of America! and Happy 14 days of Valentine.

A special  and happy Presidents Day and Month to  Mary, the first Queen and the First female President of the United States of America  now in her fourth year of service.   Happy women’s day and women’s liberation your suffrage has not been in vain.  Never fear begining over, we are doing that very thing all over the world. Adagio 1st – JC Angelcraft for women’s Rights and Women’s Liberation.


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This small work is intended  for reading to very young children  and stimulate conversation..  Literacy for children is intended to also stimulate a childs  desire for more literature and inquire for  greater knowledge.    Literacy for children also stimulates the  interest of children to learn  of other books.  JC Angelcraft


01 Once upon a time there lived two little squirrels who both had bushy tails that they loved so much


02.  And they were so very much in love that they were inseparable and no matter what they did in each season there were born to them more little squirrels until the world was filled with them.


03. These little  squirrels never knew hunger

04.  Yet one day they woke up and were now ready to eat and the first nuts and fruits  were made.


05.   And the nuts grew on the trees and other fruits grew too and everything they needed came from the many secret places where they all lived and gathered food happily.


06.  And so one day after many years,   the Mother and Father Squirrel looked upon the world with such pride, a world full fruit bearing trees and orchards, great rivers and mountains, lakes and volcanoes and every animal of its kind and fish in the sea.

07.  And so when the other animals came about the squirrels  were very surprised but happy that they had company  and they even  wrote and mailed letters one to another each in their own turn .


08.    And so the squirrels and the animals were fruitful and multiplied and this pleased God very much and  made God very very happy that God  would when he could  feed  all the animals of their kind each  in their  own turn  he would feed them.


09. And   in their old age the Mother and Father looked in upon their world and their  squirrels noticing each season all the new little baby squirrels running around the forest and gathering nuts for the winter.

10.  And there were  many other animals as well.  acwhc-angelcraft-crown-world-heritage-conservation-corpvs-a-big-eared-baby-possom-in-the-care-of-human-hands

and the Mother and the Father  queried their children the squirrels who came from them asking them  where these other new squirrels and other new animals had come from?


11.  But the other squirrels simply shrugged their shoulders and lifted their brushy tales saying innocently,

“We do not know?”


12 “They have to have come from some where?” queried the Father Squirrel  but the little squirrels and animals were afraid to tell the Father how they thought the squirrels  had come about.


13.  And so the Mother  reassured their children and their children’s children the hundreds of thousands of squirrels and animals  that their were and told them kindly and gently not to fear the Father and that everything was going to be OK

14.  So in response the animals and  these shy little innocent squirrels with  their brushy tails continued to find their  gather nuts and food for the winter and go about their business in the trees and forests and rivers of the world making nests and homes for themselves and homes for their children and also made sure each one got enough to eat and the Father made sure that there were plenty of trees and perfect sized branches for the little possums  and animals to play and hang from.


15.  So as the baby possums  hung from they’re tail they looked on with amazement  at animals and all new baby the flying squirrels.


16. Gadzooks said the Rabbit in the hat, God has given them wings so they can fly like angels as if they were not fast enough without wings.


17. Wing’s …..remarked  spotted nose?


18. Yes wings remarked Mary the Cat  ……


19. “Squirrels don’t fly”  said  Barrister Bunny


20. “These ones do”  said Mr Owl with all the animals looking on.


21. “Flying squirrels!  Can you beat that?” said Muffin the possum  playing with Penguin his new stuffed animal .


22. Now the Father who was responsible for this had turned into a great Lion to see what was going to happen with the new corps of Flying Squirrels.

23.  “Shikes” said  Roady  “Flying Squirrels”   and everybody was excited .


24. The Haughenfoggers looked out in the yonder and saw them flying in the trees and inside the cabins through windows some grabbing their tails with great fright afraid of falling and failing and Mr, Bunny hiding inside a shirt scared for he had become friends with the squirrels and was scared to watch them fly and did not want to see them get hurt .


25. And one of the Squirrels said,  “Flying is Scary”….and was afraid to fly fearing he fall on his face and afraid something awful would happen to his  brushy tail and so he  found a motorcycle and  escaped captivity with his Brushy tail  intact.acwhc-angelcraft-crown-world-heritage-conservation-corpvs-crown-natural-wildlife-santuraies-and-marine-sancturaries-a-v-necked-lollypop-sweet-tooth-christmas-sugar-glider

26. Flying made some of the squirrels very nervous  and many decide not  to gets wings until their next life and told the Father  respectfully they  wanted to remain Ground Squirrels,   a fighter and gathering  unit  so all the animals would have enough nuts and food for winter even the rabbits and the animals that were short on nuts they could depend on the 7th Calvary of Squirrels Gods special nut gathering unit.


27. But enough did and even after they did they were very nervous and the Father Lion disappeared to teach his squirrels  how to  fly  and so  God became a mysterious being and spirit who was every in nature and inside every  house and even kept company with a mouse.

28. And admits this ordeal,  Snow the Bunny and Beaks Family wondered how God had made these flying squirrels and talked among themselves if anyone knew how God had performed this miracle.


29.  An God’s hand was there  to help teach the squirrels how to fly , how to land  on their feet, how to fall  and even how to get up.


30. And  with the Father’s help and the Father’s strength they felt safe but they still treasured walking climbing, running and gathering like regular squirrels.


31.  And each  squirrel from each generation had a place to live to prepare them  for flight.

32. And of all the squirrels Rocky was their leader  and he loved his brushy tail so much.


33. And  Rocky looked out from his  hiding place wondering how he was ever going to Fly inside a house without any wind?  There had to be wind…some kind of wind ….just a drop….

acwhc-dot-the-sugar-glider-celebrates-the-territory-wildlife-parks-25th-birthday-by-eating-his-cake34.  And on his first birthday, the other squirrels and the Animals gave Rocky  a birthday party.


35. And so day came  that  the creators hand  took Rocky and in front of Fan taught Rocky how to  Fly.

36. And this made God very happy and all  Flying squirrels  became a tight unit  and fly or fall, they  never gave up  until  they learned how to Fly well .

38. And in the end Frosty the Snow Bunny

acwhc-angelcraft-crown-world-heritage-conservation-corpvs-crown-natural-wildlife-santuraies-and-marine-sancturaries-a-snow-bunny 39. all the Animals were very very happy and even  Mr Bunny was happy and watched everything from a distance hiding secretly inside his favorite top-hat – JC Angelcraft


40.  There may be more.   I need to review this edit this and perfect it. until I, Paris Hilton and her Chihuahua  are  happy with it   JC Angelcraft


41.  Paris Hilton is great!.


tobias-and-rafael-andrea-vicarro-ca164042.  Is this your horse? asked the angel Gabriel ……thats not my horse  Gabriel ……I can explain, responded the man.

Written by  JC Angelcraft


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