The Queen Bee from Heaven a cut and past collage Metaphor in Abstract by JC Angelcraft

Her Royal Highness Son Altesse Royale Princess Audrey Hepburn the reincarnation of Eve-the Virgin Mary and Santa Monica always Virgin

“The Queen Bee” is an original reincarnation bedtime story for Children not to be confused with this writing.  Other Versions can be read at


La Princesas de los Arboles un cuento escrito por mis tres niñas y hijas Claudia – Mireya  y Fanny Ricardita Corderito de zacatecas que llegaron a Mazatlan y concierno su Padre consentido por nececidad de hospice, protection y amor y cariño. 


“The Queen Bee” 

God is a Mother as Much as God is a Father and as one Androgynous God, the Holy Spirit Can Manifest and Incarnate as a Man or a Woman to bring hope to a Female Species that has historically been repressed and Persecuted by Men
God is a Mother as Much as God is a Father and as one Androgynous God, the Holy Spirit Can Manifest and Incarnate as a Man or a Woman to bring hope to a Female Species that has historically been repressed and Persecuted by Men

01. Once upon a time there lived a lovely elegant and beautiful Queen Bee full of goodness and purity And she was all alone in the Universes and the Heavens.

02. And she loved to live on the her most favorite planet a paradise untold and heart was broken for she had been cursed by wayward her sons a collective of evil and was beginning to die of broken heart.

03. And so it was on the “Birds and the Bees planet” did she find solace being everything there was including the souls yet unborn unto the animals that she so loved as much inside her as outside her.

04.  On that little blue planet that we once called heaven our haven and paradise did she find solace where everything was perfect and where red, blue, yellow, and green ferns grow all year around a paradise of Trees, Flowers of every color and shrubs that are prickly and hard to eradicate to protect her nest the nests of the Queen Bees that were many who together with the other bees made the honey that made all the animals happy.

05. The same animals that drank from the pools of water made by this one little orphan beaver who ever seemed to grow up and who always was forever alone.


06. On this beautiful paradise there were lakes and rivers, waterfalls and oceans already made miraculously in a time before Angeles had been born as angels and no explanations were needed for the miracles provided by the eternal existence that has no name

07.  The planet Earth was known as Heaven back then and it was a place purity and of refuge, a place filled with whales, and snails, and puppy dog tales and myths and legends waiting to be told to little ears on little squirrels  and lazy Burroughs and Scottish Folds those lazy cats that will listen to you forever if you ave a  good story to tell.


Baby Scottish Fold Listening to a story with his stuffed animal.

08.  Earth was paradise and a place where no matter how vicious were her wayward sons she knew one day would come to curse her again, they could not penetrate this new paradise until the time was at hand and she loved them continually even knowing their evil.

07. And despite Eternity existing already the Universes and the Heavens expanded around the lovely elegant and beautiful Queen Bee who made sure to visit all the planets that carried animal and plant life on land and in the sea

08.  The dolphins in sea and the wales she did not forsake to visit nor even the creatures of the lake and she put a hedge around the penguins in the north those emperor penguins and taught them how to survive and bear eggs in the extreme cold


09.  She was always busy and on the little penguins made sure to put chinstraps on the little penguins to protect them and so they would look fearsome and like little soldiers on a beach to scare off an approaching armada not yet in existence.


10. Inside her noble bosom she carried inside her Majestic Heart the thought of a little baby boy bee that would be all her own one that she might have someone to enjoy paradise with  crown-conservation-photo-1-zen-photography-rescuing-a-baby-beaver-orphaned-from-a-very-young-age11. and so all this she did, knowing all things and that her paradise by her own free will would one day have to be protected by angels and  her good and loving animals on the land and in the air and in the sea from the collective of evil a group of hideous beasts who took trillions of years to form and who waited trillions of years for her to die of a Broken heart and retreat the most protective aspect of herself back to heaving  knowing that she could no longer protect her way-wards sons the sons God  or her angels or protect her animals in a free will world destined to go wild her hands tied by the rules of nature and free will existence that she swore to uphold whe the time came.


12. And even as beautiful as it was during those times in Eves Garden she knew that Lion God the Father could not long lie down forever with the lamb his son after he was made into Adam the first to be born.


13. for she long accepted the decision made by the fact that we cannot see that what cannot be discerned and that which determines our destinies and decides when to close to the doors of heaven to remain alone with the purity that once was and will always be


14. And giving to angels the Havens and Heavens as a place of solace and refuge to the Angelic Host between the wars fought between angels for the condemnation and perversion of all things Holy by the sons of God and to see how strong is the race of self-determined angels are to recapture their paradise on earth with the animals they feel so connected t every time they are born again taking alwasy a defensive posture when a war starts before finishing it.


10. and so her wayward sons before becoming even in the flesh the collective of evil that they were taught to used the spells of Lucifer who was destroyed to make themselves like the ambassadors of the heavens having a likeness of purity and glory and worshipping idols yet concealing themselves and cloaking the cruelest natures waiting for the moment of her death the Queen of Heaven rumored to be near as the spirit of woman always being a symbol of peace whose image we have cared on both sides of our war ships for good luck, carried her banner as the virgin Mar into war and always returning to her as the Madonna and Child in every century where she is created a knew who after her Immaculate conception.madonna-and-child-giovanni-sassoferrato

11. Gave natural birth as Santa Monica to Saint Augustine shortly after and all her incarnations she is s centerpiece of restraint for the sons of God who have executed her,  poisoned her and protested her and her mere presence on the planet causes great protests and is another one of our greatest martyrs next to Jesus which is why we have so many around the world who have died in Rome and in various venues where martyrs die and even the blood of children spilled by the sons of God in their idol worshiping rituals we count for the justification of shortening their incarnations and them being their own worst enemy.


12. Authors of their own destiny, they choose to war and to satisfy the desires of their flesh with false spiritual talk and hypocrisy and this has been their religion for thousands of years,

13.  It is to her that this homage is paid as the story of the greatest little Honey Bee that ever lived the Queen Bee of heaven a metaphor of rule, of order, of purpose, of nurture and whose bees will attack the any predictor whose invade the Honeycomb Castles without respect.


14. Our Honey Comb Castle The Crown Corporation must be protected long after I die for it will continue as it is to bless the earth if you do as I do and care more of other than yourselves

Other versions of the Queen Bee





Pater Nostro Sanctvm Blason Jose Maria Chavira

1063-x-591-back-sides-vthrough-many-lifetimes-in-many-cultures-have-we-been-mother-and-son-with-god-father-our-holy-spirit-watching-from-abovethe completeness of God

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